Soldering – our craft

Only who knows, which mistakes can occur with high standing electronics, is able to play in the top league. The ongoing miniaturization leads to increasingly difficult recognizable errors during the production. A coordinated infrastructure is indispensable for reliable processes, as well as the constant further education in this field. Dealing with these challenges is our daily business. Always on the edge of the possible, always on your side to continue to work togehter and to thrive together.


From the first idea to the saleable product, several steps of development are usually necessary. A first functional model can already have very sophisticated structures, which can be produced in the smallest quantities. Process-reliable

Electronic manufacturing

Data preparation, purchasing and planning take up a large part of our activities and these are precisely coordinated and optimized again and again. Problems are discussed with you and reliably solved. Our reliable and fast SMD-assemblers process


We manufacture complete devices. The most complex cut- and turned parts, thin sheets or plastic parts form the framework for products. Do you wish a printing or engraving? This is all available in-house, so we can carry out the necessary process


Our secured storehouse also meets high requirements. Whether we offer long-term storage of discontinued components and take care of the periodic solderability tests, or extended receiving inspections with verification of authenticity to make